What ClickApps does Open Flow recommend for a new workspace?

ClickApps allow you to customize ClickUp for any project or team. Configure your work for any need, no code required.

  • Automation - Choose from a library of Automations or create your own to automate manual and repetitive tasks.
  • Clip: Screen Recording - Create one-click videos of your screen and audio, then share to ClickUp tasks or use a public URL to give anyone access.
  • Collaborative Editing - This feature allows you to edit task descriptions and Docs with multiple people just like Google Docs.
  • Custom Fields - Add Custom Fields to your tasks to literally use ClickUp for anything: dates, phone numbers, emails, drop-downs, checkboxes, links, currencies, and numbers.
  • Dashboards - Create and organize anything in ClickUp visually using charts, numbers, and so much more.
  • Docs Home - A central location for all your Docs across your entire Workspace.
  • Incomplete Warning - Prevent closing tasks with unresolved subtasks, comments, and checklists
  • Multiple Assignees - Tasks can have more than one assignee.
  • Nested Subtasks - Add up to 7 levels of hierarchy to your subtasks.
  • Priority - Set priority levels and organize tasks based on importance.
  • Threaded Comments - Start a conversation by replying directly on task comments.
  • Time Estimates - Add time estimates to any task.
  • Time Estimates Rollup - Calculate the total time estimate based on the subtasks of a task.
  • Time Tracking - Track time using our global timer or log time manually. Integrates with our Dashboard feature for detailed reporting.
  • Time Tracking Rollup - Calculate the total time tracked based on the subtasks of a task.