What are the layout options in ClickUp?

There are three layout styles you can choose from in ClickUp, and they're named Simple, Modern, and Clean. You can easily switch between them for a different aesthetic/layout that works for you.
  • Simple Layout is the ClickUp recommended style. All your Spaces, Dashboards, Docs, and more are condensed in your Sidebar. You can click each tab to expand or minimize it.
  • Modern Layout lets you collapse everything into a narrow Sidebar, giving you even more screen space. With no division between Spaces, Folders, or Lists, it's the easiest way to find your work.
  • Clean is a more condensed layout where Home, Favorites, and notifications can all be found to the far-left above your Spaces. The separation between views is more defined.
The Open Flow Team uses either the Simple or Modern theme, however all 3 are uniquely useful.