What are the integration capabilities of HubSpot?

Integration is an essential part of any modern digital marketing strategy. As businesses strive to automate more of their workflows, they need to be able to seamlessly connect different tools and platforms in order to maximize efficiency and reach their goals.


Fortunately, HubSpot offers a range of integration options that make it easier for businesses to connect various services and create efficient, connected workflows. Here's a closer look at the integration capabilities of HubSpot:


First, HubSpot's native integration feature comes with hundreds of pre-built integrations that allow you to easily connect your favorite CRM, forms, email marketing tools, payment systems and more. In addition, HubSpot also provides an open API so developers can customize or create new integrations from scratch if needed.


In addition to its native integration capabilities, HubSpot also supports Zapier which makes it easy to connect over 500 web applications without having any coding knowledge. Finally, HubSpot also offers application extensions that allow you to extend the functionality of your website with third party apps like Salesforce and WordPress themes.


By utilizing these powerful integration capabilities, businesses can ensure their data is automatically synced between different platforms and programs so that they're always up-to-date with the most accurate information – helping them achieve better results more quickly.